What is cashback?

Cashback comes from the English phrase "cash back". In summary, this means that when you shop at Legefit, you get part of the purchase amount back to your customer account as cashback with each purchase. You can use this accumulated amount for your next purchases in Legefit.

How does the cashback system work?

When you shop at Legefit, you win with every purchase! All registered customers receive 5% of the total amount of their purchased products with each purchase cashback. Cashback accumulates in your customer account, and already on your next purchase, you have the opportunity to pay with the cashback accumulated in your customer account when making a purchase.

Cashback collections on all products purchased. Cashback is not accrued on the amount paid for transportation.

In what amount can I pay for my next purchases with the accumulated cashback?

100%. We believe that this is fair.

Where can I see how much cashback I have accumulated?

You can see this when you are logged into your account, in the section called Cashback.

Do I have to be logged in to use cashback?

Yes, in order to collect and use cashback, you must register as a customer and be logged in to your account when making a purchase.

When does cashback expire?

Cashback expires 3 months after it is earned.